Free Church Management Software

Manage your Church and connect members and visitors with a simple and effective central portal.

This software was developed for a local church, and I want to extend this to any leadership looking for a way to manage activities, members, and their families. This software is provided free without warranty, and you may use it as you wish. I will be working on it from time to time, and will create a forum for issues or feature requests.

Regular User Demo: Login above with the following:

Password: password

Some sections are limited, such as changing information with the demo account.

In addition to the demo, staff level users are able to perform these actions:

Admin / Staff Feature Screenshots:
Filter Members
Activity Reports
Group Management
Childcare Checkin System
Maps & Directions

View the readme file and license, or you can download the zip file with everything you need to get going. Setup should take about 10 minutes for experienced website operators.

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